Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

Armani's eagle and INDONESIA

try to look at our lovely garuda indonesia, and compare with these Armani studded eagle Tshirt
i think if armani says that's indonesian national icon it will be good and he dont have to erase these tshirt from his brand new collection

yes its very similar with our GARUDA (a.k.a eagle)
just only a few different, Armani's shirt is cool, dont you think?
and if he published it and says it similar with indonesia maybe foreigners will be know indonesia
(not like my friend overseas that doesnt know indonesia -___- but knows Bali island)
Bali is not a country, it belongs to indonesia!

so, what do you think?

Senin, 25 Januari 2010

after Chocolate bath :D

My hair smell like chocolate! love it so so so much :*
cant wait for sunday, i want another Chocolate creambath! :D
yeah my hair grow longer! :3
i have move out (yippiiee! :D)
i feel so comfortable with my new bed.. :3
my cat have to socialize with her new house! hehe
she lil confused at first, but now she can climb the stairs! hha
ohmygod she is cute in the photo above ( dont look at my smile.. that's weird -___-)

i'm a webcam addict hahah..! and i love to have a bright bedroom so i can take my photo easily :)
i must bath! i'm so sad because i'm going to wash my hair and leave the chocolate :'(
but it turn into melon flavour! my fave! hahaha :D

Minggu, 17 Januari 2010

my new dress

how about it? currently i love this dress that i found in a bazaar :)

dont forget to add (either favorites or friends, its up to you) I-Gen on mySpace music.. you have to try to listen Franklin.. i love it :)
that's my friends band so i knew them very well! they played on Power Punk. Someday a Pop-Lovers like me didnt like punk. but their song is so catchy and of course crazy? :P
just listen their song here. you will not believe me until you hear their song :)

contact them? just contact me

Minggu, 10 Januari 2010

My Pinkyy "Stripper" Shoe

why i called my new mate "Stripper"
because she loves to dance! :D
i found in GOSH shop today and i so fell in love with her..
please view this ^___^

Selasa, 05 Januari 2010

Straight or Curl Lovely Taylor swift? (vote!)

by the way, i love both.. haha.. when she was curly, she looks like cute country girl.. but when straight, she looks like a mature New York girl! what do you think the best?? :)

She's cute and hot in a same way! dont you think? :)
i love love love taylor swift!! :D

i wonder is that my Baby Wondershoe?! :)

Good morning baby Alice :)
i hope you can born soon..

aahh you started to born..
hope mommy can see you alive :')

Alice: Mommy? is that you??
Me: Yes baby alice its mee.. you are so d*mn cutee!! :3
Alice: What did you say mommy?
Me: oh nothinggg hahaa

hahaa my first wondershoe baby arrived safe and sound this morning (or i said yesterday? because its 0:45 am haha), at 10:00 p.m and i've just wake up at that time :P

i suggest you!
visit visit visit wondershoe!
gotta order some tomorrow ;)

great shoe brings you to a great places :)

Senin, 04 Januari 2010

what i'll have in 2010?

The biggest and the most important things in my 2010 year is
My Sweet Seventeen Birthday Bash on july 15th :D

hha.. still 6 month again ;)
then after that i'll have:
- My SIM (driving license) and KTP (residence identification card.)
- My Last Geo-Science Olimpied in High school
- 3rd class on high school (aarrrgghhh)
- and i have to STUDY HARD so i can go through UNSRI university in medical :)

by the way:
my baby Wondershoe has come!
pics coming soon ;)