Minggu, 21 November 2010

where am i lately?

well im not abandoned this blog
i cant updates for a long time because i need to focus on my study :)
in several months after this, it might be no updates ;)
until i get what i want, to be the most fashionable doctor ever :p

lately yes like i have mentioned, im focus on my study
after that received some design stuff and projects
and also looking for college, which i really hate
because im going to national college, that the test will be held next year not like college such as Trisakti that just opened the test

plz pray for me for my luck and hope i can do my best
cheers :D

im making a blog banner for my friend (which until i post this post, she havent updated any :))
but im sure she will change it soon
she have a great talent on writing!!
dont forget to check her out ya!