Rabu, 16 Mei 2012

Bhisma's little girl

well i'm growing up. since the last time i wrote on this blog. now i'll face the third semester in college and also i'm having a boyfriend. :3

His name is Bhisma. he's white (not like me -_-), so damn smart, and also handsome :$ so happy to have him in my life. i've fallen in love with him for a couple years and after i get in into med faculty. he ask me to be his gf. loveliest moment ever <3

my life is so damn different with my high school life. i have B beside me, who always support and encourage me to be a better person. and we have lots of fun together. just.. so different :D

i love you, Bhisma Trisandi Musa Suryamanggala. i really do :)
thank you for joy, happiness, everything you gave to me :*

p.s: we're counting days to our first year anniversary <3