Kamis, 31 Desember 2009

after some time..

i decided to make Betsey jonshon like dress ;))
awaww <3

what do you think?

i'm going to make a WHITE dress (actually i dont really into white dresses, because my skin was dark..) for my Aunty's private wedding party in Bali, Indonesia in a very romantic kapel.. :3

i'm a lil confused about it, but i know i'll make a lacey white dress, something like this
but i think that too plain and looks like a Wedding Gown than a dress... i'm not going to wear that plain dress in a wedding party that i attended :xmaybe i'll make like that, i dont know

but i totally fallen in love with gothic lolita style!! and i will that 'plain' dress become fabulous with all that lacey and ribbon :)

What do you think?
What should i made? :)

Dear daddy :)

i want something like this! :(
lacey sheer tights *__*

and a Black Sequined Jacket!~

in the last blog of this amazing year 2009

Bye bye bye~~
thanks for being an amazing year for me :)
hope this 2010 year will be great and better than the past yeat :)

Happy new year guys <3

If you visit my blog.. :)

Please comment in my blog.. :)
or maybe we can keep in touch by being my follower..
and i'll follow you too! :)

i really want to have blog-friends in this blog :)

Selasa, 29 Desember 2009


i'm Fat :'(

i have to go to the gym!! my cheek looks so chubby..
actually my size doesn't up.. but m/l size i think it too large..
i feel fat

and how can everybody thinks beauty means thin??
i walk down the shop and they always sell dresses for a thin girl!!!
and they said "you're fat"
i'm not that fat!!!

i wish i can back in era that marilyn monroe's body is better than Giselle bunchen's body!
i wish the era which appreciate the boobsy and the butt will back! :((

ahh,, desperate.. :(

p.s. i'm 158 cm with 53 kilos of weight.. yes, that's fat! i have a chubby leg..

Senin, 21 Desember 2009

Britanny Murphy dead at 32!!

Brittany Murphy died this morning of a cardiac arrest at only 32 years old. She was brilliant in 8 mile and I loved her in Uptown Girls with Dakota Fanning. (i like her because she's so beautiful and always smile!) Wife of Simon Monjack was found collapse in her bathroom by her mother. Britanny dead on Sunday morning, 10:04 AM local time

"Britanny Murphy is an incredible light for so many people," i prays for her family and her beloved person.", Jessica Simpson wrote it on her Twitter. After that, Actrees Alicia Silverstone, that act with her in Clueless film said, " i feel always connected with her because we shared special experience in our lives. i love her, may she rest in peace. it really makes me sad!"

Britanny Murphy's name started to public when she play teenanger drama Clueless in 1995 with Alicia Silverstone. In 2003, she's shining because she plays Uptown Girl, with well-known Teenager Actrees, Dakota Fanning

For 2010, Actually britanny had joined some film like Abandoned, The Expendables, and something whicked.

Goodbye Britanny,
May you rest in peace :)

Feels sad! :(

A few days ago, Heavy Rain was attacked some area in Palembang, also in my home (both, actually). and a day later i came to my New Home and i saw the Gypsum Plafon was destroyed and falling to the floor! WTF!!?? some of my furniture was destroyed and WET!! so many bugs are coming and there are so many dirt to clean!

gotta fix it immediately! :"((


Selasa, 15 Desember 2009

Love.Couture.Luxe's giveaway! <3

Stand a chance to win $25 online F21 gift card!

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p.s. that photo credited to lovecoutureluxe.com :D

i hope i can win it! you too! :))

Visit the Giveaways here

Daisy dayz's jewelry giveaways!! :D

she have a fabulous, i mean super fabulous jewelry neckale!!

come and visit her here

a love this Estee neckale :)

i hope i can win that :))


My wishlist about food

1. bakso urat
2. Lasagna
3. Kangkung hot plate
4. Dimsum
5. Hanamasa (ok. that's not food.. but i want that asap..wish they were here.. haha)


Sabtu, 12 Desember 2009

Glisters and Blisters's scarf giveaway!

hey there! i found this fabulous giveaway today! no doubt i will JOIN this. :) hhe.. like i said.. i'm fashionista with no money.. hahaha :D

"As michele wrote on her blog: Glisters and Blisters:
So here's the blog giveaway you have been waiting for !
In honor of breaking the 150 followers number, She decided that she need to give you readers back something! the gift I'll be sending away is a multi-functioning scarf that i'd like to call the "inVESTment piece".. For those who have been following my blog, this is NOT the scarf you see in this post there. in fact, this is her VERY OWN DIY CREATION.
so whoever is the lucky winner of this blog giveaway will be wearing Glisters & Blisters' very own scarf :D
She's got TWO pieces waiting to be sent to the lucky winner ! One will exclusively for Indonesian participantsand the other one will be shipped for any other international participants
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*ps i hope you enjoy her first blog giveaway . was really nervous of what to give out*"

Visit the giveaway here :)

Michelle will give either Splattered one or tye dyed one as a gift! i cant missed it! that's fabulous. i feel in love with the splattered one.. :D

p.s: i love scarf since i saw a green scarf in Confession of a shopaholic, that's so classic :)

New banner! :D

by the way are you recognize?

i have change my blog banner! :D


Which one is better? Vote and gimme a comment! Hhha :D
i design all of that by myself :)

and i also change my blog name :))
from Rainbows and bubbles to Cinnamon's candycandy land

Hi sunshine!

Welcome Holidayyy!!! :D

at last my semester exam was finished yesterday.. i'm so happy for just only one remedial on my score :P hahahaa

oh yes i love vintage! why H&M not open their store in Indonesia?? :((
i really want something like this
and how about this as a prom theme??? hahaha.. looklet.. :D

p.s: i really want to shop now!!

Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

i love DianaRikasari's dress for Bloopendorse!!

Love it!!!

Gosh! it my wishlist!
Diana Rikasari for bloop endorse's lace dress!
it cost Rp 143,000
should i buy? :'(
the special price valid until 31 December 2009

Selasa, 08 Desember 2009

dear world

Today's Word:

A Cup of yoghurt with Topping Peach and Chocochip will boost up your MOOD!:)


Sabtu, 05 Desember 2009

oh god i love whooga!♥

ugg boots

whooga ugg boots is one of my wishlist. for a few times i've been searching for it and finally i found the website.. sadly its in Australia and i didnt have so much money to buy :'((

but i am so glad when i see "Win ugg boots" in their website. yes, hopefully i can feel hot on my feet. my toes are toasted~♥ like this!

i love whooga boots!
ugg boots

what i wore lately?

Yes, i'm not a type of a fashionistas girl.. but now i want to dress up with something good.. i wannabe someone that., everyone, appreciate how i dress up.. even in a small budget fashionista like me! hahahha..
here i made this fashion blog so i can explore the magic of fashion hahaha.. lol

this what i wore lately
Lace floral dress, brown cardigan, my DIY ribbon neckale, Kalimantan's bracelet :P

ahaha.. sorry the quality of the photo is bad.. i dont bring my alpha camera because that's in my old home :3
and that's after i sunbathe so much! :((

oh yes,. did you hear about this word
"Fashion up your room!"
i did it to my new room, seems like Victorian-girly style.. sadly in this photo all my curtain hasn't arrived yet

a flowerly curtain, that i choosed myself (the pattern quite same with cath kidston's wallpaper), INDEX furniture, A Crystal Chandelier

That's not finisheed~~ lol

Kamis, 19 November 2009

my school lately

Oh i'm so tired.. yesterday i was gone to a Lake and playing with rain.. :D

today i was going to a mall, want to watch the famous 2012 movie.
unfortunately i cant buy it.. sold out until tomorow.. *yikes!*

This is me with my school mate after playing football

OK! i'm Still waiting for my neckale
TIKI JNE called me last night, they said the sender wrote the wrong address!!
oh goood... where's my baby!?

i want to buy: *after i collected my money of course*
A leopard or Green-yellow neckale from distincUt (which one i must buy? but i prefer the leopard one..
A pink suede shoes and a blue shoes from wondershoe

God i need moneeyyyy!! now i know why girls love money!

Selasa, 27 Oktober 2009

Hallo World!

Ahh.. time to back to Indonesian blog :)
lately i was reading CosmoGirl Indonesia (recent edition) and i saw a fabulous neckale beatnik
i want to buy a lips neckale, exactly like a vampire bloody lips! that's so fabulous. maybe wear it later when NEW MOON movie appear

Yeiii Edward Cullen is coming to the town lol

This is the Neckale that i want to buy :D

Lips, copyright by BEATNIK

haha.. is that cool?? sometimes i just want to grow up faster.. bored to be an ordinary teenager
i have no money to shopping! so i have to save my money.. bored :(

i forget how to change my profile picture on blogger, hahahaha..