Sabtu, 20 Februari 2010

@Medan! :D

yippie finally i'm here! in medan! hahaha :P
actually i supposed to arrived in Medan yesterday.. But my first plane (Palembang- Jakarta) delayed about 1.5 hours (i hate to wait, really!!)
and i CAN'T fly with the last plane to Medan.. so the aircraft give us two suite room free :P
hha.. so i stayed in Jakarta, and arrived in the Hotel at 11 p.m (i cant go anywhere! even for the midnite sale!)
then at 4 a.m this morning i went from Marina Bay to the airport! and i hate to wake up early..

when i arrived in the airport suddenly my plane delayed again by 30 minutes! :((
but finally i can go here safety :)
gotta gotta gotta shopping here :D

p.s. i love the pattern of Garuda Indonesia's brand new seat and aircraft :) and i love when i can hear my fave song with our personal touch screen TV
call me late, but i've just discovered that (y)

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