Jumat, 16 April 2010

The Runaways ♥

we're having an "OUR" time
f**k off for all the exams, olimpied, and homework. we JUST want to happy ♥
*stress out*

This is my cute pose ever :D

sorry, i'm kinda narcism in this photo :p

Cotton.Ink Pasific Boxy - Guess bag -
Yongki komaladi shoes - Purezento neckale (doctor)

That's what i wear. love love love the cotton.ink boxy because it's not hot even the boxy seems bigger on the back side. all that i have to fix it just adjust it with a mini belt

#nowplaying : MYMP- Especially for you

6 komentar:

  1. i think a lot of bloggers are narcism l.o.l :)
    i love ur simple looks.
    come visit mine :D


  2. i keep simple all the time :p
    someday i will totally dress up. maybe? :p

    yess all the blogger are narcism, so i am :D

  3. last year,,that song was a theme for me..i really2 luv that song..

  4. sounds like a cute teenage life..I spent most of my school time in a dorm school, no malls >.<

  5. looks like a great time with friends!
    yay to cotton ink :) support local products


  6. @dorothy : Yay! i loveee that song ♥ it touched me.. :)

    @judith: ahh so sorry to hear that.. but you will have a lot lot lot pajamas party in dorm♥. sometime i wish my school have a dorm lol.

    @fhen: yeeaahh.. we should support local product. i love cotton.ink and wondershoe. they are a gorgerous local brand. hope someday they will as big as LV, Guess, or versace ♥