Senin, 24 Mei 2010

i decided

since i asked to some close friends about the doc, they said
"when will you wear those shoes, its Palembang, not Jakarta. everyone will called you weird to wear a boots in a hot weather like this"
that's right, after some thought, i decided to not buy it until i think i really need it :)
they are true, in Palembang, you can't express your style as free as jakarta
but i will always love to wear those
(btw my father have similar shoe in 40+, i'm 38, but i love to wear those in front of my mirror)

p.s i bought a lovely wings-ring and an owl ring. gotta post it soon :p

3 komentar:

  1. hmmm...u have some thought as mine city is near to palembang and what you say about we can express our style free as jakarta is really right :) and its such a shame if we walking with those eyes looking so unfriendly :P....


  2. ga sabar deh,,pengen liat cincin yang kau beli..

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