Sabtu, 12 Desember 2009

Glisters and Blisters's scarf giveaway!

hey there! i found this fabulous giveaway today! no doubt i will JOIN this. :) hhe.. like i said.. i'm fashionista with no money.. hahaha :D

"As michele wrote on her blog: Glisters and Blisters:
So here's the blog giveaway you have been waiting for !
In honor of breaking the 150 followers number, She decided that she need to give you readers back something! the gift I'll be sending away is a multi-functioning scarf that i'd like to call the "inVESTment piece".. For those who have been following my blog, this is NOT the scarf you see in this post there. in fact, this is her VERY OWN DIY CREATION.
so whoever is the lucky winner of this blog giveaway will be wearing Glisters & Blisters' very own scarf :D
She's got TWO pieces waiting to be sent to the lucky winner ! One will exclusively for Indonesian participantsand the other one will be shipped for any other international participants
The giveaway is open to EVERYONE IN THE WORLD.
Contest closes on 18th of December 2009 .

Simply drop a comment telling her how you would wear this inVESTment piece and which piece you like (whatever you like will given to you if you're the winner!). Winners will be chosen based on random basis. Comments that don't answer the question above will not be counted as an entry.

Remember to leave your
NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS ! so she can contact the winners easily.

+1 entry : tweet/facebook this giveaway and leave a link .
+1 entry : follow her
+2 entry : be a follower of her Blog (You may choose
blogLovin' or Google Friend Connect)
+2 entry : become her
Chictopia fan
+2 entry : become her
LookBook fan
+3 entry :
blog this giveaway and leave a link . this entry requires you to include the picture of the giveaway or it will only count as +1 entry.

for all of the above bonus entries, be sure to tell her that you've done one or more of these entries. leave a link to the tweet/facebook/blogpost/photo -url so that she can track it easily :)

*ps i hope you enjoy her first blog giveaway . was really nervous of what to give out*"

Visit the giveaway here :)

Michelle will give either Splattered one or tye dyed one as a gift! i cant missed it! that's fabulous. i feel in love with the splattered one.. :D

p.s: i love scarf since i saw a green scarf in Confession of a shopaholic, that's so classic :)

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