Sabtu, 05 Desember 2009

what i wore lately?

Yes, i'm not a type of a fashionistas girl.. but now i want to dress up with something good.. i wannabe someone that., everyone, appreciate how i dress up.. even in a small budget fashionista like me! hahahha..
here i made this fashion blog so i can explore the magic of fashion hahaha.. lol

this what i wore lately
Lace floral dress, brown cardigan, my DIY ribbon neckale, Kalimantan's bracelet :P

ahaha.. sorry the quality of the photo is bad.. i dont bring my alpha camera because that's in my old home :3
and that's after i sunbathe so much! :((

oh yes,. did you hear about this word
"Fashion up your room!"
i did it to my new room, seems like Victorian-girly style.. sadly in this photo all my curtain hasn't arrived yet

a flowerly curtain, that i choosed myself (the pattern quite same with cath kidston's wallpaper), INDEX furniture, A Crystal Chandelier

That's not finisheed~~ lol

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