Senin, 21 Desember 2009

Britanny Murphy dead at 32!!

Brittany Murphy died this morning of a cardiac arrest at only 32 years old. She was brilliant in 8 mile and I loved her in Uptown Girls with Dakota Fanning. (i like her because she's so beautiful and always smile!) Wife of Simon Monjack was found collapse in her bathroom by her mother. Britanny dead on Sunday morning, 10:04 AM local time

"Britanny Murphy is an incredible light for so many people," i prays for her family and her beloved person.", Jessica Simpson wrote it on her Twitter. After that, Actrees Alicia Silverstone, that act with her in Clueless film said, " i feel always connected with her because we shared special experience in our lives. i love her, may she rest in peace. it really makes me sad!"

Britanny Murphy's name started to public when she play teenanger drama Clueless in 1995 with Alicia Silverstone. In 2003, she's shining because she plays Uptown Girl, with well-known Teenager Actrees, Dakota Fanning

For 2010, Actually britanny had joined some film like Abandoned, The Expendables, and something whicked.

Goodbye Britanny,
May you rest in peace :)

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